Our Most Popular Commercial Insurance Articles from 2022

David Cribb | Jan 4, 2023 | minute read

Here is a round up of our most-read articles we published in 2022.

OSHA, Workers’ Compensation, and Safety

OSHA’s Top 10 Safety Violations and How to Avoid Them

Every year, OSHA issues thousands of safety violations to companies across the country. Contrary to rumors, OSHA does not have the authority to permanently shut down a business. Nonetheless, they do have the authority to issue safety violations as well as severe penalties and stiff fines.

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How Safety Incentive Programs Can Lower Your Workers Comp Costs

According to OSHA, businesses spend about $1 billion every week on costs linked with workplace injuries and illnesses, and those costs are paid out of profits. Workplaces that implement safety and health management systems can cut their injury and illness expenses by 25 - 45%.

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Personal Protective Equipment Myths Debunked

Because the field of safety management can be perplexing, we have compiled a list of frequent misunderstandings concerning PPE.

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The Importance of Sub-Contractor Agreements and Insurance Requirements

When you hire a contractor or subcontractor, you run the risk of them causing bodily harm, property damage, or other loss during their work. If something unforeseen happens, you could be held accountable for the activities of the contractors or subcontractors you engaged.

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Group Captive Insurance 

Why More Businesses Are Considering Captive Insurance

Group captive insurance was born out of the need for businesses to find ways to save money without cutting corners on the insurance coverage they need to protect them, all while exercising some control over loss ratios.

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Are Group Captives More Profitable than Other Forms of Insurance?

Due to stricter underwriting guidelines and careful control by the group captive insurance company, group captives tend to be profitable. Overall, group captives are popular because they help reduce costs for businesses.

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How Captive Insurance Can Work with Workers’ Compensation

Group captives are used by businesses for workers’ compensation insurance to reduce risk, improve claim control, and cost savings. Group captives for workers’ compensation have become common, and there is little reason to believe that this trend will abate.

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Pros and Cons of Group Captive Insurance

As with any other insurance company, group captives have their share of pros and cons. We will look at the advantages and disadvantages to help you determine if a group captive insurance company is right for you.

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Disaster Insurance

Everything You Need to Know about Business Interruption Insurance

Having to shut down your business for any length of time is anxiety-inducing for most business owners. And while business interruption insurance is not something that immediately comes to mind when individuals are setting up their businesses, it should not be overlooked.

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A Guide to Kidnap and Ransom Insurance Coverage

Severe risks to personal and corporate security are common in today's global economic environment. Kidnappings are difficult to predict, and when they happen, a quick, planned, and experienced response is required.

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