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Has Your Business Considered Key Person Insurance or A Buy-Sell Agreem...
Key Person Insurance and Buy-Sell Life Agreement policies cover your organization from the loss of a key employee due to death, incapacity or other trauma.
Does Your Non-Working Spouse Need Life Insurance?
Many people thought that the stay-at-home spouse did not require life insurance. But that has changed.
How Risk Management Consulting Integrates with Your Insurance
It's challenging to manage a successful insurance and risk program without an integrated management approach. Let us show you how it is accomplished.
Five Reasons You Need a Personal Umbrella Policy
If you have any amount of assets, have teen drivers, have a retirement plan, or investments, you should consider purchasing a personal umbrella policy.
What is OSHA Consulting Services and How Does it Help My Business?
OSHA consulting involves a team of professionals working with you to make sure your business complies with OSHA regulations.
Proven Ways to Reduce Your Personal Insurance
Cheap insurance can lead to poor service, uninsured claims, and an increase in your actual out-of-pocket costs.
New Cyber Risks to Be Concerned About
Commercial businesses are facing new cyber threats in an ever-changing cyber world. Threats come from foreign countries or local hackers.
How The Hybrid Workplace May Change Employee Benefits
More people are working remotely, and this has caused employee benefits programs to be re-evaluated in a major way.
The Value of Fleet Safety Programs
A fleet safety program is important, as it can help reduce your operating costs and return more to your bottom line.
What an Effective Group Benefits Program Looks Like
Employee benefits come in various shapes and sizes, and they are an important component of the overall compensation package provided to employees.
How Professional Liability Insurance Can Save Your Business
As a business owner, you know that you require a certain level of insurance. There are some insurance policies that can save your business.
Does Personal Insurance Cover Everything That Can Go Wrong?
Insurance is not a commodity. It's not the same as purchasing a chair, car, clothing, or food. You're buying a promise when you buy insurance.
What Is a Commercial Insurance Review and Why Is It Important?
Business owners should make annual insurance reviews a habit to ensure they have enough coverage and aren't spending more than they need to.
Five Advantages of Term Life Insurance
Term life insurance is usually recommended for young families because its low cost provides the most coverage for the least amount of money.
How to Select an Insurance Agent That Is Right for You
It's in your best interest to work with an agent that represents a variety of insurance companies and is ready to spend time getting to know you.
Effective Strategies for Health Insurance for Small Business
Health insurance is not required for small enterprises with less than 50 employees. But to be competitive, you should offer some level of health benefits.
Everything You Need to Know About Group Captive Insurance
Here is a round-up of our recent Group Captive insurance series. Lower your insurance prices while having more control over the insurance purchasing proces...
What Kind of Life Insurance Do High Net Worth Individuals Need?
Here's how life insurance can be integrated into a larger asset management strategy for high-net-worth individuals with non-liquid assets.
Insurance Coverage You Need but May Not Have
Insurance can be challenging to comprehend. Most people do not completely understand what they are purchasing or whether they are adequately insured.
Benefits Strategies for Small Businesses
As small business owners and managers attempt to plan for the future, developing employment strategies can be important to your growth and profit.
How Dividends Are Paid to Member Companies of a Group Insurance Progra...
One benefit of a captive insurance program is that profits are returned to its members in the form of dividends once all financial obligations are met.
Life Insurance Can Offer a Solution to Buy-Sell Funding
If your business doesn't have a buy-sell agreement, you may find yourself sharing the reins with a former partner’s spouse, children, or another party.
A Well Managed Employee Benefits Program Will Attract Top Candidates
92% of employees regard employment benefits critical to job satisfaction. A good benefits plan can help you attract the best candidates.
Keys to Understanding Your Personal Insurance
Most people know that insurance is necessary, but they don't always understand what they are purchasing or if they are adequately insured.
How Group Captive Insurance Programs Are Managed
A Captive Insurance Program is owned by its members, but the day-to-day operations are managed by a third-party group captive manager.
Does Your State Require Your Business to Carry Workers' Compensation I...
Laws regulating workers’ compensation insurance vary from state to state — but if you own a business, you likely need a policy.
How to Select and Join the Group Captive that is Right for You
Learn how to select and join the Group Captive insurance program that is right for your company.
Why California Businesses Need to Properly Document Breaks and Lunch H...
California is a state known for its regulations on businesses. However, many employers are unfamiliar with those pertaining to lunch hours and breaks.
Is Group Captive Insurance Right for Your Business?
There’s a few things you should know about what types of businesses are ideal for group captive insurance. Strong candidates have these characteristics.
Why You Shouldn't Buy Life Insurance on Impulse
Impulse buys can provide some short-term comfort or joy, but you shouldn't buy life insurance on an impulse.
The Top 4 Benefits of Group Captive Insurance
While the many benefits of a group captive insurance program can be summed up by cost and control, here's a more detailed look at the key benefits.
Direct Writer or Insurance Broker — Who Should You Work With?
Both direct writers and independent insurance brokers can connect you with the insurance you need. Which is best depends on several factors.
How Group Captive Insurance Programs Work
Here’s what you need to know to understand how a group captive insurance company operates and help evaluate if joining one is right for your business.
How to Protect Your Investments
There is no one-size-fits-all plan for protecting your investments. The key is to take steps tailored to what you’ve placed your money in.
How California Small Businesses Can Manage COVID-19
Not sure what to do next regarding COVID-19? Fortunately, there are resources available to help you stay afloat and protect your employees.
What is Group Captive Insurance?
A group captive is an insurance company formed by its members to benefit its members by influencing business insurance costs. Find out if it's right for yo...
Top Seven Workers' Compensation Claim Questions Answered
As a California business owner, you need to be prepared for filing workers’ comp claims. Here is what you need to know.
7 Ways to Improve Your Construction Company’s Safety
As a California construction company, safety is key. But how can you make your job sites as safe as possible? By focusing on a few key elements.
Is Your Insurance Agent Earning Your Business?
Protecting your company requires the right coverage. If your insurance agent isn’t earning your business, your policies might fall short of what you need.
What is Difference in Conditions (DIC) Coverage? And Why it Matters.
In California, difference in conditions coverage can be critical for businesses. Here is what you need to know about these policies.
A Guide to Landlord and Property Manager Insurance
If you're a landlord or property manager, then it's vital you're aware of all the risks you face as well as how to protect yourself against them.
Self-Audit: How to Tell if Your Business Needs Cyber Insurance
Cybersecurity should be a significant concern for any company that collects data. Here’s how to tell if your business needs this type of insurance.
Is a Group Captive Insurance Program Right for My Manufacturing Busine...
If your business is in the manufacturing sector, a group captive insurance program might offer the perfect combination of protection and savings.
The Coronavirus Is Here. Learn How to Prepare & Protect Your Business
An in-depth look at coronavirus (COVID-19) and share insights to help businesses manage and mitigate the risk associated with this new virus.
Motivate Your Fleet to Make Safe Choices with a Safety Incentive Progr...
The safety record of drivers is a huge factor in insurance premiums. A safety incentive program can be the motivation they need to make the right choices.
Think You Don’t Need Workers’ Compensation? Think Again.
California has strict workers’ compensation laws, including when you need to have coverage. Find out your obligations now.
New California Sexual Harassment Laws
New California sexual harassment laws are in effect. Protect yourself by understanding these laws and implementing necessary changes in your business.
Additional Insured Endorsements and How They Work
Additional insured endorsements can provide your business with key coverage when working with vendors and contractors.
Why It May Be Time to Fire Your Insurance Agent
Your insurance agent is your first line of defense in protecting you and your business. Be aware of the signs that you are being underserved.
New and Upcoming Labor Laws in California Every Employer Should Know
2019 saw many new labor laws in California, and there are more set to take effect in 2020. Here’s what you should know.
Why the Cheapest Insurance May End Up Costing You
In most cases, saving money is a good thing. However, opting for cheap insurance is likely to cost you in the long run. Find out why.
What California's Wildfires Mean for Your Insurance Premiums
Recent fires in California have cost individuals, businesses, and insurance companies thousands. So how will this impact your insurance premiums?
What to Expect During a Workers’ Compensation Audit
Finding out you are about to be audited for your workers’ comp policy is stressful, but if you know what to expect, it doesn’t have to be.
Why Your Commercial Auto Premiums Are Increasing
Commercial Auto Insurance Premiums are expected to rise up to 12% this year alone. Wondering why premiums are skyrocketing? We’ve got answers.
Active Shooter Readiness: How to Prepare for the Unimaginable
We don’t want to imagine it happening, but, active shooting situations have become all too common. Learn how to protect your business and employees.
How to Classify Freelancers, Employees, and Independent Contractors
Knowing whether a worker is legally an employee in California can be confusing, but misclassification has severe consequences. Here is what you need to kno...
Cover Wallet, PIE, Hippo: How Low Start-up Premiums Lead to High Costs
In an era where we want everything fast, automatic online insurance quotes may seem like the perfect solution. But they can do more harm than good.
Everything You Need to Know About Earthquake Insurance
Earthquakes can have a devastating impact on your home and business. Learn how earthquake insurance can help protect you the next time an earthquake strike...
How to Prepare Your Family & Home for an Earthquake
Earthquakes strike without warning. Knowing how to prepare--and what to do--when (not if) an earthquake strikes is essential for your family's safety.
How to Prepare Your Company and Employees for an Earthquake
Earthquakes can have devastating effects on companies and their employees. You can reduce the impact of an earthquake by following these simple steps.
Why You Should Start Using Teladoc Today
Teladoc is a modern tool that allows you to get 24/7/365 access to healthcare professionals, and here we answer your most common questions about using it.
How to Ensure Your Fourth of July is a Fun, Safe and Enjoyable Holiday
With all the celebrating, it can be easy to let the holiday get away from us. Check out these tips to keep things safe & enjoyable for you and your family.
Physical Activity Can Affect Healthcare Premiums
Employers want to keep the escalating healthcare premiums down, and employees are looking for healthcare options. Physical activity has health benefits.
How to Protect Your Employees from the Summer Heat
Learn the dangers of heat-related illnesses and how to a create Heat Stress Prevention Program to keep your employees from the extreme heat this summer.
Business Insurance Jargon Every Business Needs to Know
Are you feeling a bit lost when it comes to business insurance jargon? Learn the important terms you need to know!
Why Attorneys Should Never Practice Without Malpractice Insurance
Don’t get caught making the mistake of trying to cut expenses by eliminating malpractice insurance.
Experience Mods: Learn the Rating Formula that Helps You Save Big On Y...
Looking to save on Workers’ Compensation Costs? Learn how by improving your company’s Experience Modification.
Your Next Password Choice Could Cost Your Business Thousands
Your password habits, and those of your employees, can either stop your information from being stolen or lend a helping hand to the strangers who want it.
Employee Benefits Plans Aren't One Size Fits All
Find out how your business can offer employee benefits that your workers need and want that is reflective of today's diverse workforce.
The Hidden Costs of Driving Under the Influence (DUI)
While drinking and driving is dangerous and illegal, one in three people will be involved in a drunk driving accident in their lifetimes.
What Causes Your Insurance Premiums To Go Up?
A number of factors contribute to your insurance premium prices. Here we'll discuss those factors & share a few tips that might help you lower your costs.
Avoid These Insurance Mistakes In 2019
Falling victim to the most common insurance mistakes? If you are, then you may have the wrong coverage or be paying too much for your personal insurance.
2019 Personal Insurance Resolutions
It's the perfect time to add “insurance fit” to your New Year's resolution. Find out how you can become “insurance fit” with this helpful checklist.
How To Avoid Common Holiday Home Insurance Claims
Even though insurance offers protection, do you really want to deal with damage, injury or loss on top of everything else happening around the holidays?
How California’s New Sexual Harassment Law Affects Your Business
Senate Bill No.1343 will affect your Californian business starting on January 1, 2019. Find out what you need to know here.
Include a Personal Insurance Review in Your Fall Cleaning
Have you reviewed your personal insurance policies this year? An annual review helps ensure that you are adequately covered and paying a competitive price.
Great Home Insurance Ideas
Are your house and personal belongings protected if a disaster strikes? Learn how a homeowner's insurance policy can keep you and your home safe.
Tips For Handling A Business Insurance Claim
What if there's an accident, a theft, or a natural disaster, and it resulted in property damage to your business. Do you know how to go about making a clai...
Personal Insurance Hot Topics
Here is the latest information and updates on some of the hot topics relating to your personal insurance needs and interests.
What Kind Of Business Insurance Coverage Do You Need?
While your business might require particular coverage, here are some insurance policies that every company should consider no matter what the industry!
How To Get The Best Deal On All Your Personal Insurance
Are you looking for the best deal on your personal insurance? Find out how you can get the coverage you need at an unbeatable price right now.
Must Have Insurance Policies For Contractors
Contractors are subjected to risky situations – it's the nature of the industry, which means conventional insurance policies is not enough.
What Are The Advantages Of Using An Independent Agent?
Wondering if it's better to use online insurance, a captive agent, or an independent agent? Find out what their advantages and disadvantages are.
Things You Didn't Know Your Business Insurance Might Cover
The right insurance policy can be far more comprehensive than you might think, especially for business purposes.
We Answer The Most Common Insurance Questions
Do you understand how personal insurance works and how to get the best combination of coverage, price, and service? We answer your most common questions.
The Coverage Every Employer Needs But Few Purchase
As an employer, you are always at risk — find out how Employment Practices Liability Insurance can help keep you protected from conflicts with your employe...
The Value of a Personal Insurance Review
Finding the right personal insurance is about searching for the best possible combination of coverage, price, and service.
Stop Settling For Cheap Insurance — Hire the Insurance Team You Need
While you might be tempted into getting the cheapest insurance policy, there are important questions you need to consider before investing in a policy.
Why Am I Stuck with the Same Old Workers Compensation Policy? (Part 2)
Is your company safety-oriented, has active management, but still manages to have a fair share of claims that drive your experience modification and Worker...
Why Am I Stuck with the Same Old Workers Compensation Policy?
Does your company consistently outperform the standard market? Do you get charged a guaranteed rate year after year, but you keep paying that guaranteed co...
Summer Travel Safety and Insurance Tips
Summer means that you are exposed to many different risks. We have the coverage to help you reduce your summer risks.
3 Easy Tips to Help Prevent a Cyber Breach
Do you know how to protect your data from being hacked? Learn simple advice to help you avoid a crippling and expensive cyber breach.
Everything You Should Know About Errors and Omissions Coverage
Does your business needs errors and omissions insurance in case a customer sues for damages? Here's how it could protect you from a disgruntled client laws...
Reducing the Costs of Disability Coverage
Learn new strategies and tactics that organizations use to lower their costs for disability insurance. Start using this important information now.
Homeowner's Insurance Can Offer Many Benefits
Homeowners insurance offers many benefits to families including protection from risks faced by homeowners. We offer competitive rates on your insurance.
Even Small Businesses Have the Budget for Employee Health Care
Truth is even the smallest businesses and budgets can still find affordable employee health care, and we’ll show you exactly how you can do it.
Personal Insurance for High Net-Worth Individuals
Personal insurance for high net worth individuals is needed to protect the added assets and address the unique needs of these individuals.
Little Known Personal Insurance Products You Might Need
Personal insurance can be complicated, so it pays to have an agent help you understand the many kinds of products you may need.
How to Find Out if You're Overpaying for Business Insurance
Although business insurance is necessary for your company, it’s possible you're paying too much for your coverage.
How Mismanaged Risk Management Costs Your Business
Risk management is all about evaluating financial risk in order to protect your business and minimize potential losses.
How To Prepare For A Personal Insurance Quote
If you want to get the best combination of coverage, price and service for your personal insurance you need to use an independent agent.
Does Your Business Need Employment Practice Liability Insurance?
Employment practice liability insurance is becoming important to protect yourself from potential litigation. Here's how to determine if you need EPL.
We Believe Insurance Is a Promise
LCK Insurance Agency makes the promise to deliver the personal insurance you need to protect your home, family, and life.
Personal Insurance Products You Need in the Summer
Summer means there is more daylight hours for activity for you and your family. With the kids home, it is important to understand your new risks.
A Look Inside How Agents Help Businesses Get The Right Insurance
A business insurance agent is like a good lawyer. You don’t realize you need a really good one until it’s too late. Here are the key ways a good agent will...
What Is Covered Under a Homeowner’s Liability Policy 
Personal liability insurance is designed to protect you from accidents or unintended events. You just never know when that might happen.
7 Common Mistakes Businesses Make When Buying Insurance  
Buying business insurance can be challenging. Here are the most common mistakes to help you choose the correct insurance so your business is protected.
What Kind of Personal Insurance Do You Really Need?
Personal insurance is important because it can protect you from many different kinds of injury and liability.
Why You Should Bring Your Agent in to Talk to Employees
Health insurance is a great benefit for employees. But without an agent to explain the benefits, it can be difficult for your team to take full advantage.
Are You Finally Ready for an Umbrella Policy?
A personal umbrella policy is very competitively priced and can provide needed protection for your family.
How Exposed Is Your Home?
Protect your valuable asset with a well-written homeowner’s insurance policy. Take a look at some of the most common kinds of homeowner's insurance claims.
Is It Possible to Lose My Auto Insurance?
Your auto insurance can be cancelled for many reasons including DUI, late of payment of premiums, or using your car for business purposes.
Consider Safety Features When Shopping for Auto Insurance
Having a vehicle with the latest safety features can reduce your auto premiums and keep you safe while driving.
5 Important Facts About Commercial Umbrella Insurance
These are the five critical facts that you need to know when deciding on a commercial umbrella insurance
What Is Important to Consider When Buying Homeowners Insurance
Buying home insurance is an important part of adulting. Read on to make sure you get the best possible combination of coverage, price, and service.
Why Wellness Works
Employee wellness programs can offer many advantages including promoting health and an excellent tool in keeping top talent at your business.
Are You Looking for a New Agent?
An independent agent offers the best insurance solutions and also provide many options for consideration
Independent Agents Can Help Reduce Workers’ Compensation Costs
Independent agents like Leap|Carpenter|Kemps offer innovative insurance solutions to help your business reduce its workers’ compensation costs.
Why is Workers’ Compensation so Important?
Workers compensation provides employers with a no-fault insurance, allowing injured employees access to medical insurance for on-the-job injuries.
Are You in the Market for a New Business Insurance Broker?
Selecting an insurance broker can be one of the most important things your business can do. Here are some quick tips to make sure you choose correctly!
What Is so Innovative About Business Insurance?
Commercial insurance offers many innovative coverages like cyber liability and business interruption which can help protect your business from loss.
Real Solutions for the Liability of Your California Business
Employment liability claims can be some of the most expensive losses your business may have. Many businesses never fully recover from an employment claim.
Are You Concerned About Your Business’s Cyber Risk?
Every business is at risk of having a cyber breach. Cyber liability insurance offers necessary protection for your business to manage the risk of having a ...
How to Effectively Evaluate Your Risk Management Program
The most effective method to evaluate your risk management program is to develop a cost of risk model comparing costs from year to year.
Can Knowing Your Cost of Risk Help Your Business?
It is never a good idea to define your risk program solely on insurance costs. There are many other factors that can contribute to your total cost of risk....
How to Develop a Better Understanding of Business Liability Insurance
A well designed business insurance program from Leap/Carpenter/Kemps insurance will help your business recover from unforeseen losses and claims.
The Top Business Insurance and Risk Management Trends for 2018
Your business is subject to many unique risks like sexual harassment and cyber hacks, and if not managed correctly, could cost you thousands of dollars.
Start Your 2018 Personal Insurance Planning Today
Many different life events can affect your personal insurance. Having the right kind of insurance can make a big difference when you ever have a claim.
Burglars Are Looking for Post-Holiday Bargains
Having a homeowner’s insurance policy is a good step in preventing financial losses. There are also other things a homeowner can do to prevent burglaries.
Burglars Are Looking for Post-Holiday Bargains
The right homeowner’s insurance be a good step in preventing financial losses. There are also many other things a homeowner can do to prevent burglaries.
Why Life Insurance is a Good Bet
There are many effective ways to get the best rates on life insurance. Have an independent help you find the right coverage for your needs.
The Importance of Professional Liability for Architects and Engineers
Architects and engineers should consider professional liability insurance to protect themselves against potential litigation.
Your Policy Is Only As Good As Your Agent
Your insurance agent is the most important part of your personal insurance program for three reasons.
You Should Really Love Your Business Liability Insurance
Know your business liability coverage. Do you need to protect against advertising liability, bodily injury, pollution, or products and completed operations...
2014 Medicare Prescription Drug Open Enrollment
The time to enroll or make changes to your Medicare plans runs from Oct. 15 through Dec. 7th and changes become effective on Jan. 1 2014.
California Life Insurance Is Not Just For Families
Californian families and singles alike need Life Insurance for the benefits and security it provides, including funeral expenses and debt coverage.
California Personal Insurance Action Plan
Personal insurance planning should be treated like investment planning. A proper review of your insurance can lead to better pricing & improved coverage.
California Renters: Don’t Forget About Insurance
Buying renters insurance in California is very easy and inexpensive. Don't go without out and risk the loss of your valuables. Give us a call!
California Workers’ Compensation Best Practices
Work accidents happen and workers’ compensation insurance can help. It should be an important part of your risk management program. Use these best practice...
Who Needs California Workers’ Compensation?
Understand the difference between an independent contractor and an employee to know whether you need workers' compensation. Here are some questions to ask.
Can “Do It Yourself” Projects Jeopardize Your insurance?
Before you take on a do-it-yourself project, don't jeopardize your homeowner’s policies. Update it to the value “like kind and quality.”
California Laws That Impact Your Business
Many California laws impact your business including OSHA, workers' comp, and employee personal records.
Children In College Change Your Personal Insurance Risk
When you send a child to college, your risk has changed and you may need to adjust your personal insurance program. It's time to review what you need.
Combine Business Insurance Policies and Save Money
Plan annual reviews of your business insurance. We offer ways to save and improve your insurance program, including combining all your coverage into one pa...
Common Mistakes Made When Purchasing Insurance
Insurance is the product you buy in case the unexpected happens. Make sure you don't make these mistakes while buying business insurance or personal insura...
Contractors Insurance
Insurance can play an important role in “on time and on budget” projects. We provide contractors insurance and risk services to the construction industry.
Cyber Liability in California a Major Concern for All Businesses
California businesses with less than 50 employees have a better chance of having a cyber-loss than a fire. Do you have cyber liability insurance?
7 Deadly Sins of Insurance Buying
If your deductibles are too low, or you have more than one insurance agent, you could be facing one of the seven deadly sins of insurance buying.
Director & Officers Insurance - Should Your Business Consider It?
As a business manager and board member, if you're sued and you must defend yourself. Directors & Officers Insurance is an risk mitigation solution.
Disability Insurance Offers Help When You Need It Most
If you and your family depend on your salary for financial support, you need short and long term disability income insurance.
7 Ways to Save on California Homeowner's Insurance
Everyone likes to save money on their homeowner’s insurance in California. Here are 7 tips to save on homeowner's premiums without sacrificing coverage.
Will Workers’ Compensation Change with the Times?
Workers’ compensation protects employers from large medical bills and time-loss claims an sis an important part of your business insurance program.
A Key To Your Workers’ Compensation Success
Workers’ compensation success lies in understanding the differences between an employee and contractor. Consider the tax and legal issues of each.
Insure Your Business and Prepare a Business Continuity Plan
Commercial liability, auto insurance, and management liability insurance can cover damages. A business continuity plan can get you up and running after a l...
A Parking Valet Damaged My Car
If a parking valet damages your car, who's responsible? How will your auto insurance respond? Use these tips to file an auto insurance claim.
Are the New Toys You Got for Christmas Covered under Your Insurance?
If your Christmas toys included ATVs, motorcycles, boats, RVs, drones, cars, art, or jewelry, you may need to update your homeowner's insurance policy.
Don’t Get Tricked by Halloween
Halloween safety tips for kids and motorists from Leap / Carpenter / Kemps Insurance. Is your homeowner's insurance policy all you need?
Don’t Rent out Your Home Without the Right Insurance
Don’t rent out your home without the right Insurance. A homeowner’s policy may not cover losses incurred. Call us for a specialized policy that will.
Employer Healthcare Mandate Delayed
The portion of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) that requires employers over 50 employees to provide health insurance has been delayed.
Even Small Businesses Have Big Risks
Small businesses face big risks. Insurance policies that cover commercial general liability, cyber liability, professional liability, and more can help.
5 Critical Facts About Commercial Umbrella Insurance
Almost every business needs the added protection afforded by a commercial umbrella insurance policy. Here are five important facts about umbrella policies.
4 Things to Review Prior to Signing any Contract
An important part of your business insurance and risk management program includes four things you should review before signing any contract. What are they?
Getting Pulled over in California Doesn't Have to Be a Problem
Getting pulled over can be a stressful and uncomfortable experience, but here are a few things you can do to help the process go smoothly.
Going Swimming This Summer? Better Read This First
If you go swimming this summer follow these water safety tips from Leap /Carpenter / Kemps Insurance. Over 1,200 children under the age of 14 drown each ye...
Has Your California Business Overlooked These Insurance Needs?
Has your California business overlooked insurance coverage for business income extra expense, environmental liability, cyber liability, and more? We can he...
Heat-Stress Prevention From Leap | Carpenter | Kemps Insurance
Tips to prevent heat stress from Leap / Carpenter / Kemps Insurance include avoiding alcohol, drinking water frequently and more. Workers comp insurance he...
Are You a High-risk Driver?
Learn how insurers define high-risk drivers. Our independent agents understand each family has unique auto insurance needs and can help if you're high risk...
Homeowner’s Insurance Premiums Explained
Discover the factors that help determine your homeowner’s insurance premiums and get tips how to reduce those premiums from Leap / Carpenter / Kemps.
How Leap / Carpenter / Kemps Helps Build a Business Insurance Program
Leap / Carpenter / Kemps can help you build a stron business insurance program by helping review your risks and guiding you to the right coverage and price...
How Smart Technology Can Reduce Your Homeowner's Insurance
Wireless options for home security and control and smart plugs and outlets are smart technology that can help lower your homeowner's insurance cost.
How the Election May Impact Your Health Insurance
The 2016 presidential election may impact your health insurance. UnitedHealth will review their California market to determine future participation.
How to Build a Strong Relationship with Your Insurance Company
Get the attention you deserve when you build a good relationship with your commercial insurance company. Be open and honest and know where your losses are.
How to Get the Best Rates on California Life Insurance
Find out what Life Insurance companies consider when you're shopping for a new policy, and learn what you can do to get the best rate.
How to Have a Safe Vacation from Leap / Carpenter / Kemps Insurance
Homeowner’s insurance covers your personal property while on vacation. If you to travel to a foreign country, call LCK for an insurance review.
Does Your Business Need Professional Liability Insurance?
Professional liability insurance can protect your business from lawsuits. Leap / Carpenter / Kemps has access to policies that other agencies just can’t wr...
How to Keep Your Company Holiday Party Safe for All
Keep everyone safe at your company holiday party with theses safety tips, and talk with your insurance agent to review your insurance coverage.
How to Prepare for El Niño
Prepare for El Niño by making sure your California homeowner's insurance covers as many weather-related risks as possible.
How to Protect Your Business from Being Sued by Employees
Develop strong anti-discrimination and employment policies to protect your business from being sued by employees. EPLI policies can help reduce your risk.
Why Your Insurance Agent Is Your Best Friend
Choosing the right insurance agent makes a big difference – in price, service, and value. Discover why we at LCK Insurance Agency is your best friend.
Workers’ Compensation Tips from Top Risk Managers
Workers’ compensation insurance protects employers from claims from injuries to employees. Get workers’ comp tips from top risk managers at Disney and FedE...
How to Serve up California Restaurant Insurance
insurance is vital for risk management in California restaurants, bars, taverns, and catering services. Leap / Carpenter / Kemps offers nine types.
How to Stay Safe During an Active Shooting Situation
8 tips can help you stay safe during an active shooting situation. But first follow these rules: evacuate, hide out, call out, and fight.
Insurance Truths You Can Count On
Learn the insurance truths you can count on about auto, business, earthquake, and flood insurance policies. Insurance needs change. Is yours adequate?
How to Insure Your California Restaurant
Property insurance, liquor liability, and cyber liability insurance are just some of the types of policies you need to insure your California restaurant.
5 Things to Consider Before Jumping into the Sharing Economy
The sharing economy lets us share our cars, bikes, boats, and homes with total strangers, but this increases your liability. Are you covered?
Is Your Company Picnic Covered by Your Insurance?
Company social events, like picnics, can bring inherent risks. Have an independent agent review your insurance policy to make sure you're covered.
Have Fun at the Pool… But Be Safe
Have fun at the pool, but be safe. Set pool rules, think about a fence and check your homeowner's insurance policy to make sure you have adequate coverage.
Is Your Workplace Safe?
Providing workers with a safe workplace is critical to the well-being of your employees and business success. Take these steps to keep your workplace safe.
Is Your Business Ready for the New DOL Overtime Rules?
The Department of Labor increased the overtime exemption threshold under the Fair Labor Standards Act. Is your business ready for the new DOL overtime rule...
10 Tips to Keep Your Home Safe While on Vacation
Maintain a detailed household inventory of assets, review your insurance coverage and follow these 10 tips to keep your home safe while on vacation.
Make Halloween Safe for Everyone
Make Halloween safe for everyone by pre-planning to prevent unfortunate accidents that could turn out to be tragic. And, check, your homeowner’s insurance.
Are You Starting a New Business  in California?
Starting a new business in California means you'll face issues including business insurance, risks, and concerns. Select the right commercial insurance for...
March Madness - Insurance Style
Check out our Insurance Madness Final Four Top Tips we learned after watching 64 basketball teams play to the championship.
Keep the Fire in the Barbecue
Keep the fire in the barbecue with theses general grilling safety tips from independent agents at Leap / Carpenter / Kemps Insurance.
Miscellaneous Professional Liability Insurance, or E&O
A miscellaneous professional liability suit can put executive’s personal assets at risk. Protect yourself with errors & omissions insurance policy.
Are You Shopping Online This Holiday?
Stay safe if you are shopping online this holiday. Leap / Carpenter / Kemps Insurance Agency offers tips on how to protect yourself from cyber security ris...
How to Get Auto Insurance If You're a High-risk Driver
Learn what makes insurance companies label you a high-risk driver, and how to get auto insurance if you are a high risk. Leap / Carpenter / Kemps can help.
7 Technologies Have Helped Lower California Homeowner’s Insurance
7 technologies have helped to lower the cost of California homeowner’s insurance, including weather-warning systems, electronic locks & smart appliances.
Questions About Health Care Reform
The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act has raised questions about who is required to have coverage and the penalties for not complying. Learn more.
Playing Games on Your Phone? Check Your Insurance
If you play games like Pokémon Go on your phone, you may need to review your personal insurance to make sure you are protected. Here's the insurance you ne...
Renting a Car This Summer? Will You Be Insured?
If you're renting a car this summer, do you need extra auto insurance? Leap/Carpenter/Kemps can review your policies to ensure you have the coverage you ne...
Risk Management Downton Abbey Style
Consider the many personal & business insurance issues Downton Abbey's Grantham family managed as they operated their property & many businesses.
Risk Management Mistakes Can Cost Your Business
Do you know these risk management mistakes you can make that can cost your business? There are a number of actions you can take to reduce business risk.
Simple Ways To Protect Your California Home from Burglars
Protect your California home from burglars with 11 simple burglary prevention tips from Leap / Carpenter / Kemps Insurance.
Start Your 2018 Business Insurance Planning Today
Start your 2018 insurance planning today. The changing world creates risks you need to mitigate – LCK can help navigate the minefield.
Criminals Are Looking for Deals This Holiday
In the middle of holiday season criminals are looking for deals just as you are. Review your personal insurance to make sure you're covered against theft.
Stop Bidding Out Your Business Insurance
Stop bidding out your business insurance. Discover how an independent insurance agent can find the right coverage for you at the right price.
Summer Can Be Risky Business for Your Family
Summer can be an opportunity to relax, but it also has some unique risks – let's review your homeowner’s and personal policies & see if you are at risk.
Take Your Auto Insurance off Cruise Control
Take control of your auto insurance by using licensed independent professional insurance agents to help you get the best price and coverage.
Summer Driving Safety Tips
In the summer driving time increases, so it's important to be a defensive driver. Follow these summer driving safety tips from Leap / Carpenter / Kemps.
The New Economy Creates New Business Risks
The new economy creates new business risks. Does your insurance cover you for social media mishaps, pet-friendly environments, and work-from-home environme...
Most People in California Don't Have Enough Life Insurance
Most people in California don't have enough life insurance. Here are four reasons why you might want to increase your life insurance policy.
The Top Commercial Insurance Myths
Many insurance myths float around, and we want to respond to them with clear information, so you can make educated decisions about your insurance purchases...
The Top Google Searches on Business Insurance
We've researched the top five Google searches about business insurance that range from how much insurance is enough to the types of business insurance avai...
Top Personal Insurance Tips for 2018
Know the 11 things you should do to ensure your personal insurance is what it needs to be in 2018, from umbrella policies to maintaining a home inventory.
Top Risks of Transporting Goods
Discover the top business risks of transporting goods and how commercial insurance protects you. We can review risks and help secure the right coverage.
Two New Areas of Employment Litigation
Improper employee evaluation and improper hiring are two new areas of employment litigation. Employment Practices Liability Insurance can help protect you.
Kids' Safety Tips for Summer Vacation
Keep your kids safe during summer vacation with these safety tips about sun, heat, water and bug bites from Leap / Carpenter / Kemps Insurance.
Watercraft Safety Tips from Leap | Carpenter | Kemps
Learn watercraft safety tips from Leap / Carpenter / Kemps Insurance, which offers a full range of watercraft insurance products for you.
We Can Help You Survive a Business Interruption
Leap / Carpenter / Kemps can help you survive a business interruption with business interruption insurance that could include business income insurance.
What is My Total Cost of Risk?
The total cost of risk to a business is more than insurance premiums. Think about financial, operational, and strategic risk to ensure your coverage is rig...
The Difference Between Homeowner’s Insurance and a Home Warranty
Discover the difference between a homeowner's insurance policy and a home warranty. LCK Insurance Agency can help you figure out what you need.
What's Trending in California Healthcare?
What's trending in California's healthcare? We're well into 2015 and there are some health insurance items which business owners need to be aware of.
6 Things Not to Do After an Auto Accident
Learn the 6 things not to do after an auto accident -- and make sure your auto insurance policy gives you the coverage you need.
Stay Safe This July 4th… and Enjoy the Day
Stay safe this July 4th and enjoy the day with safety tips from Leap / Carpenter / Kemps Insurance. Protect your assets - your home, auto life and more..
7 Commercial Insurance Policies to Protect Your Business
Business change, and so does risk exposure. Learn about 7 types of commercial insurance to protect your business. Leap / Carpenter / Kemps Insurance can he...
Why You Need Insurance
Arson, storms, thefts, casualties are just a few reasons why you need personal insurance coverage to protect against losses. Let us review your policy.
Why Should Safety Be Part of Your Workplace?
Safety should be an integral part of your workplace because more work will get done and it will lead to company profitability. Follow these 10 basic safety...
Reasons to Consider California Disability Insurance
Over 35? There's a 50% chance of becoming disabled for months. Individual Disability Income Protection is a must for business owners and executives.
8 Back-to-School Safety Tips
8 back-to-school safety tips can help protect your children. And, being aware when you're driving in a school zone can keep you and them safe.
EPLI Comes into Play When Employees Sue Employers
Employers do get sued by employees. That's why you need to protect yourself with Employment Practice Liability Insurance.
Benefits of Working with an Independent California Agent
Discover 7 benefits of working with an independent California insurance agent - including how to get the best possible coverage, price, and service.
Best Practices for Property Losses
Best practices for property losses include taking steps before a loss occurs, including maintaining a comprehensive property insurance portfolio.
17 Holiday Shopping Tips: Protect Your Identity and Stay Safe
uring the next few weeks, we will all be busy shopping, eating out, and traveling -rime rates tend to have a slight up-swing as spending is increased.
6 Things Owners and Managers Need to Know Before Hiring a Contractor
6 things business owners and property managers need to before hiring a contractor. Remember, business insurance doesn't cover contractor negligence.
California Artisan Contractors Insurance
Contactractor's general liability insurance and workers' compensation insurance make sense for artisan or specialty contractors in California.
When Do I Need Rental Car Insurance?
Before you rent a car and take out their insurance, read your auto insurance policy carefully or call your auto insurance agent to ask for details.
Busting the Top 6 California Business Insurance Myths
We bust the top 6 California business insurance myths and offer tips to reduce your insurance premiums.
Play It Safe This Halloween
Have a great time and play it safe this Halloween by following these 10 tips to keep the trick-or-treaters and your home safe.
California Boating and Water Safety Tips
Learn 9 tips to stay safe while boating and in the water in California. Consider boat or marine insurance to protect yourself.
8 Tips to Keep You and Your Christmas Tree Safe
8 tips to keep you and your Christmas tree safe, from your friends at Leap / Carpenter / Kemps Insurance.
Can the Holidays Bring Added Risk?
Holidays can bring added risk. Review your personal insurance before an ugly mishap finds you. Talk to your insurance provider to make sure you're covered.
Control Workers' Comp Costs by Reducing Your Mod
Control workers' comp costs by reducing your mod. Your "experience mod" is your workers' comp Identity. Takes these steps to reduce it to save money.
Does Your Business Need Crime Coverage?
Does your business need crime coverage? The FBI says employee theft one of the fastest growing crimes in America. Make sure you're insured.
Does Your Business Need Product Recall Insurance?
Does your business need product recall insurance? Likely yes, if you're a distributor or manufacturer because it covers expenses associated with a recall.
5 Reasons Your California Business Needs EPLI Insurance
Discover the 5 reasons your California business needs employment liability insurance. ELPI covers the company and the board, as well as free legal help.
Does Your Homeowner’s Insurance Offer Hidden Coverage?
Does your homeowner’s insurance offer hidden coverage? Your insurance might cover liability coverage while you're away from home and more.
Hidden Costs of a DUI
Do you know the 11 hidden costs of drunk driving or DUI? They include the possible loss of auto insurance, license suspension, or higher insurance rates.
The Most Common Insurance Claims in the Fall
Discover the seven most common insurance claims in the fall. Among them are rear-end collisions and theft from automobiles.
How LCK Insurance Agency Helps Manage Workers’ Compensation Costs
A workplace injury can be costly to your business. Here are a few key tips on how to create a safe work environment and avoid workers compensation costs.
Are You Putting Your Homeowner’s Insurance at Risk?
You work hard to build a future for yourself and your family, but there are 5 ways you could put your home at risk. Do you know what they are?
How to Educate Employees About Healthcare Insurance
Comprehensive healthcare insurance can be a great way to retain & attract employees, but educating your team about healthcare insurance is also important.
Landlords and Property Managers, Are You Insured Correctly?
Landlords and property managers can benefit from 7 types of commercial insurance for rental properties, condo associations, and commercial properties.

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