What is OSHA Consulting Services and How Does it Help My Business?

Shawn Dwyer | Nov 3, 2021 | minute read

OSHA Consulting ServicesIf you own a business, you know that OSHA is authorized to keep your business in compliance with state and federal safety guidelines. OSHA can show up at your business and inspect your facilities at any time.

OSHA can fine and even shut your business down if they find safety violations. In recent years, OSHA enforcement has increased, with new programs established and increased penalties.

There is a way to make sure if OSHA does show up at your business, that you and your team are prepared. It can be hard to stay up with the latest safety and health standards, requirements, and procedures.

That is why hiring a safety or OSHA consultant to help you offers many benefits. These professionals offer a variety of resources and experience to help your business.

What Is OSHA Consulting?

OSHA consulting involves a team of professionals working with you to make sure your business complies with OSHA regulations. This involves onsite inspections, examining your specific safety plans, policies, procedures, and overall safety program. They can identify specific strengths, shortcomings and then design new programs that meet OSHA requirements.

It is important to remember; it is not just about complying with OSHA; it is about creating a safe work environment for your employees.

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Benefits of OSHA Consulting

According to a study by California’s Division of Occupational Safety and Health (Cal/OSHA), businesses inspected by OSHA “saved an estimated $235,000 in injury claims and compensation paid for lost work,”

  • Recognizes and eliminates dangers in the workplace
  • Increases safety awareness
  • Increases employee morale
  • Reduces worker’s compensation costs
  • Reduces lost workdays
  • Increases likelihood that you will pass any OSHA audit
  • Lowers injury rates
  • Ensures that federal and state safety and health regulations are followed

What is OSHA Consulting Services and How Does it Help My Business?

OSHA Consulting Services Should Include: 

  • Audits of safety programs
  • Review and support with health and safety programs
  • Assessments of management techniques in the areas of health and safety
  • Health and safety education and training
  • Assistance with OSHA compliance
  • Noise and air quality monitoring in the workplace
  • Advice and information on technical matters
  • Printed safety and health items for the workplace

Safety is a collaborative effort from conception to implementation. Nobody can do it all by themselves. Using a safety consultant, even if only for a few days or weeks, can be an important member of your team.

 You might also consider utilizing the expertise of your workers’ compensation insurer and commercial insurance provider. This gives you more eyes to review safety issues and provide real solutions to your business.

How To Get Started

A good way to start is with onsite inspections of your business facilities and operations. You will also want a complete review of your safety policies and procedures as well.

Job site risks are continuously changing. Consultants can identify safety and compliance problems and provide ongoing oversight, direction, and training to keep your employees safe.

Improving workplace safety and health also leads to fewer accidents, reduced rates of injury and illness, lower workers’ compensation expenditures, and fewer product losses.

Final Thoughts

No business large or small wants to have another workplace mishap or fail an OSHA inspection. Beyond hiring an OSHA expert as an employee, utilizing outside consultants is a smart way to help your business in maintaining a safe work environment that protects your employees.

Employee safety and health plans can also be built or strengthened with the assistance of these experts. You may also be eligible for a one-year exemption from routine OSHA inspections if you complete specific requirements.

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