Five Ways to Improve Your Personal Insurance

Melissa Matzenbacher-Galan | Dec 22, 2021 | minute read

A Personal Insurance Update

Five Ways to Improve Your Personal InsuranceWe all want to best possible home and auto insurance coverage possible. Many people tend to think that low cost is the most important aspect of your personal insurance program. We are here to give you a different perspective.

What you should be looking for is the best possible coverage, price, and service. All too often, people fail to understand that low cost tends to lead to lack of coverage and uninsured claims.

It is important that your agent can identify your personal risks, provide options, and obtain the desired coverage at a competitive price — but also have the team to provide the services you deserve after the sale.

These services would include: supporting and helping you through a claim, answering insurance coverage and billing questions, and being your trusted partner related to your personal insurance program.

That said, there are at least five things you can do to improve your personal insurance program.


1. Use a Professional Independent Insurance Agent

Value, the convenience of service, and quick responses are all priorities for today's customers. It can be difficult for consumers to know where to look for the finest insurance program for their needs in an era of impersonal internet corporations, slick advertising, and “branding.” Look no further than your local independent agent for the greatest possible mix of coverage, services, and cost.

It’s like having a personal shopper when you work with an independent insurance agent. In the same way that a real estate agent picks through houses to help you locate your dream home, an independent insurance agent compares rates and coverage options from a variety of insurance companies to help you find plans that best suit your needs.

Agents not only get you the best deal, but they also make sure you’re properly protected for your needs. Your agent becomes your personal adviser as you work with him or her, taking the time to listen to and understand your specific needs.

2. Install a Security System

Most insurance companies will offer premium discounts for a home that has a security system. A smoke detector, exterior lights, burglar alarm, or dead-bolt locks can normally be purchased at a discount of at least 5%. 

If you install a sprinkler system and a fire and burglar alarm that rings at the police, fire, or other monitoring stations, some companies will reduce your premium by as much as 15 or 20%.

These systems are not inexpensive, and not all of them qualify for a discount. Find out what kind of system your insurance recommends, how much the device will cost, and how much you'll save on premiums before you buy one.

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3. Increase Your Home and Auto Deductibles

Increasing your auto or home insurance deductible will lower your premium, but it also means that when you file a claim, you'll have to pay more out of pocket before your personal insurance kicks in.

If you’re in an accident, this decision could cost you later since you’ll have to pay extra money before your insurance company pays for the damages. However, if you don’t drive much, are a safe driver, aren’t prone to accidents or claims, and need to cut your monthly expenses or costs, it can be worth it.

The most important thing to remember is that if you get into an accident or have a claim, you'll need enough money to cover the higher deductible.

Five Ways to Improve Your Personal Insurance

4. Make Sure You’re Aware of The Many Discounts for Home and Auto

Both home and auto insurers offer discounts that can save you money, without compromising your insurance coverage. Each insurer may offer different kinds of discounts, so check with your agent.

Home Discounts to Ask About

  • Bundling home and auto
  • Customer loyalty
  • Updating your roof or plumbing systems
  • Claim free
  • Having a monitored fire alarm or burglar system or other fire safety measures

Auto Insurance Discounts

  • Safety features like anti-theft systems
  • EZ pay discount
  • Good driver
  • Student discounts – for good grades
  • Military discounts
  • Defensive driving course discount
  • Insuring multi vehicles
  • Pay in full option

5. Have an Agent Complete a Personal Insurance Review

As your life changes, so should your personal insurance. It is important to improve, change and modify your coverage based on your changing needs and circumstances.

It’s always a good idea to meet and sit down with an insurance agent at policy renewal to make sure you understand the coverage and exclusions in your auto and homeowner’s policies.

It’s also crucial to double-check that you have the right coverage and restrictions.

A good agent will make sure your personal insurance program has some or all the following kinds of coverage.

  • Replacement cost coverage
  • Loss of use
  • Personal umbrella coverage
  • Higher than minimum auto insurance limits
  • Earthquake and or flood coverage, if needed
  • Identity theft coverage

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