How to Select an Insurance Agent That Is Right for You

Melissa Matzenbacher-Galan | Sep 20, 2022 | minute read

A Personal Insurance UpdateHow to Select an Insurance Agent That Is Right for You

We feel that selecting a skilled and experienced agent is the best method to purchase insurance. It's in your and your family’s best interests to work with an agent that represents a variety of insurance companies and is ready to spend time getting to know you. Independent agents can then shop your risk to many insurance providers to find you the best deal.

Do not be tricked by commercials claiming that you do not require the help of a licensed professional agent to obtain the right insurance for your personal insurance. Insurance should not be treated like groceries because the wrong type of insurance can cost you hundreds of dollars if your claim is uninsured. 

You should be seeking someone with whom you can build a long-term connection. You wouldn't buy a car or home without doing some research first, and you shouldn't choose an independent agent without doing the same.

So, what should you and your family be on the lookout for? We have found a number of important things to consider when selecting your insurance agent. 

A Different Way to Think About Your Home and Auto Insurance

  • Insurance is a service, not a product.
  • You'll never be able to find the proper insurance for your needs in 15 minutes online.
  • Insurance is more than just a policy.
  • Your personal insurance coverage is only as good as your agent.
  • Your insurance agent should be looked at like your CPA, attorney, and financial advisor because they manage and protect your resources.
  • Insurance advertisements are perplexing because they get you to believe that all insurance is the same, which we all know is not true.

What to Consider When Selecting Your Personal Insurance Agent

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Know the difference between an independent Agent and a direct writer 

An independent agent is a locally owned business that represents many different insurance companies. This allows them to shop your personal insurance and provide many options, including coverage, process, and services offered.

A direct writer is employed by the insurance company and only can offer what that company can offer. An independent agent can find the greatest pricing and coverage for your needs, and if one insurance company is competitive one year but may not the next year, your independent agent can shop around for alternative options.

Visit the agent's website  

A good way to better understand an agent is to look at their web page. Do they offer a wide range of products, solutions, and services? Do they have helpful articles and how-to videos?

Check to see if their website offers insurance information as well as quick access to price quotations, either online or over the phone. Websites can give you a sense of the agency's personality, what they value, and the level of customer support they provide.

Check references and ask your friends if they are happy with their agent  

A smart way to start is with referrals from family, friends, and coworkers. Find out why people enjoy their independent agent by asking around. Inquire about their customer service and follow up if the representative is pleasant and competent. Is their policy evaluated on a yearly basis?

Look for an agent that would rather educate you than try to sell you insurance 

Look for an agent that would rather educate you than try to sell you insurance  

Insurance is part of your personal financial plan, so you shouldn't make rash decisions. A good insurance agent should spend time with you and explain the benefits and coverage offered by an insurance policy. If the insurance agent you are working with is pushing for the close, you likely made the wrong choice in an insurance agent.

Experience matters

When it comes to insurance, as with everything else, having more options is always preferable. You want to work with an insurance agent that can provide you a variety of options, both in terms of price and coverage. Your agent needs to have experience in managing personal insurance and guiding clients through claims. The best approach to get options is to work with an independent insurance agent.

Selecting an experienced, licensed, and professional agent who is committed to creating a personal relationship with you and finding you the right personal insurance solutions depending on your circumstances is the best thing you can do for your family.

Remember that not all insurance policies and coverage are created equal. How claims are resolved is determined by how your policy is designed. You're not purchasing a product; you're managing your personal risks; insurance is a promise and a trusted relationship, not a product.

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