The Value of Fleet Safety Programs

Mike A. Dwyer | Feb 28, 2022 | minute read

Automotive protectionIf you are a business that has a fleet of vehicles, you know how much it costs to keep your fleet running. The purchase cost, maintenance costs, gas, accidents, insurance, employee training all can add up over the course of a year.

That's why a fleet safety program is important, as it can help reduce your operating costs and return more to your bottom line.

A fleet safety program, aids in the prevention and reduction of accidents. Commercial fleets have a 20% yearly accident rate, and the average cost of a fleet accident is $70,000, about double the cost of a normal workplace injury.

You could be jeopardizing your employees' and company's safety if you don't have a comprehensive fleet safety program in place. A general safety program is preferable to none at all. However, customizing a program for your company and fleet is significantly more beneficial.

A comprehensive fleet safety strategy can bring a variety of benefits to any firm with a fleet of vehicles of any size, including enhanced safety, employee satisfaction, and the ability to improve fleet efficiency.

Four Reasons to Have a Fleet Safety Program

It Improves Driver Safety, Behavior, and Efficiency 

Distracted drivers are one of the leading causes of car accidents. It has resulted in an increase in insurance and maintenance expenditures due to the significant number of reported incidents each year. Reckless driving is another form of traffic offense that has an impact on the business in terms of service and delivery.

It Reduces Commercial Auto Insurance Premiums

Not only will a fleet safety program reduce accidents and losses, but it also reduces insurance costs while keeping drivers safe, which can save your business a lot of money.

It's safe to presume that the reduced premium per driver or employee has already covered half of the program's costs. It has been proven that a fleet safety program reduces accidents, and this will reduce your overall costs.

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It Improves Your Company’s Image

There is nothing worse than a bad driver with your company log on the side of the vehicle. Reduced accidents mean fewer chances of property loss and public injuries. These combined advantages improve your company's image, making you a more appealing possibility.

It Builds a Strong Team

Employees are a company's most valuable asset. Everyone understands what is expected of them thanks to the defined role and responsibilities, allowing for successful collaboration. Through fleet safety initiatives, you may hire dependable drivers and fleet management professionals, resulting in a better team and higher production. 

Car Inspection

Elements a Fleet Safety Program Should Include

Establishing a Set of Policies and Procedures 

Your fleet safety program needs to have specific actions, procedures, and guidelines relating to all aspects of fleet safety and risk management. We can provide examples for you and help you build your program.

Management Commitment

Leadership and management support of the program can help assure that the program is used and effective. If management is not behind this, it will not be successful.

Driver Selection Process

Drivers that are rigorously screened and chosen will be safer and add to your fleet safety program. No organization can have a solid long-term safety record unless its drivers are safe. For everyone who drives on corporate business, establish clear hiring requirements and a comprehensive screening process.

Vehicle Inspections

This can help prevent accidents caused by malfunctioning equipment and save money by reducing costly unexpected breakdowns.

Vehicle Maintenance

Vehicle inspections are a vital component of a good and well-oiled fleet safety program because they assist prevent unplanned vehicle breakdowns and can identify safety concerns before accidents occur.  

Accident Investigation and Evaluations

This may assist in lowering the expense of an accident over time. It also aids in the understanding of your risks and can assist you in avoiding future losses.

One possibility is to grade all drivers. The driver's safety score is generated based on how many times they cause a critical safety incident. All of the drivers are graded based on their performance and safety ratings, making it easy for fleet and safety managers to spot drivers that need to be coached.

Driver Training

This can aid in ensuring that all drivers are aware of the vehicle's safety policies and procedures. All drivers should have access to knowledge on safe driving tactics and strategies, including defensive driving teaching. It can also include accident reviews, thereby educating drivers on how to avoid accidents.

Closing Thoughts

Although the road to improved fleet safety can be challenging, it begins with a strong fleet safety program. A good fleet safety policy can save your company a lot of money in the long term by reducing vehicle failures, avoiding potential litigation, and ensuring smooth operations. 

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