Shawn M. Dwyer

Vice President

LCK Insurance Agency's Vice President, Shawn M. Dwyer

I am a straightforward and honest insurance professional who specializes in commercial business insurance with a deep understanding of workers compensation insurance and general business insurance as well as safety and risk management.

I am committed to continual professional development and increasing my insurance knowledge base so I can consistently find the best solutions for prospects and clients.

My top priority is to build and nurture strong client relationships. I achieve this through an honest and intelligent approach. I don’t make assumptions about the needs of prospects and clients. Each prospect and client is different. I take time to listen and spend time on-site to further my understanding so I can ask more questions, provide targeted resources and deliver the best insurance solutions for each individual prospect and client.

I am skilled in working to find the best insurance solutions for agri-businesses, contractors and general business clients.

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