Melinda Sue Leathers

Risk Advisor

Melinda Leathers Risk Advisor

As an insurance agent with over 25 years of experience, my first priority is customer care. It is more than just about insurance when you work with me. I take the time to get to know my clients on a very personal and individual level. I treat my clients like they are family.

I have cultivated relationships with my clients, which in some cases span over 20 years. I specialize in commercial insurance for agri-businesses and nonprofits. But if you have business insurance needs of any kind, I am open and excited to work alongside you. I look forward to watching your business grow.

I am always available anytime to answer questions or help you with any insurance needs that come up. You can call me on the weekends or in the evening, and I’ll be there for you. My goal is always to make sure you and your business have the proper coverage, the correct limits and the service you need.

With my many years of experience in the insurance industry, I feel I have the tools and the knowledge to help customers with their insurance needs.