John Lightfoot

Commercial Insurance & Risk Advisor


Most companies waste an enormous amount of money on insurance each year, and the majority of them never get that money back. I help groups of qualified businesses join together to form their own insurance companies. This allows each business to pay itself back the unused insurance premiums. This can result in getting up to 60% of your money back.

I joined Leap Carpenter Kemps Insurance Agency as a Commercial Insurance & Risk Advisor in 2013.

My insurance career spans more than two decades and includes extensive work in group captives and construction, working with general contractors and subcontractors all over the State. I’m results driven, offering clients more than the basic functions required. I help to manage the risk associated with construction to the benefit of my clients and the people they work for. Services include contract and audit review, experience rating counseling and projection and claims management.

I spend time developing and promoting alternative risk solutions for businesses that want to find ways to recapture their insurance premiums through innovative alternative insurance products.