Why Should I Insure My Second Home?

Melissa Matzenbacher-Galan | Jun 29, 2022 | minute read

Why Should I Insure My Second Home?A vacation property or second home can be an excellent investment. A vacation property can be a wonderful place to relax from your normal routine while making great memories.

However, second homes can be an increased insurance risk because, with only part time occupancy, problems may arise with no one there to immediately resolve the issue. A vacation or second home will need to be insured, especially if you do not want to be faced with the costly task of rebuilding or repairing damages following a natural disaster.

You will want to safeguard your second home just like you would your primary residence. However, no two homes are alike, and the differences between your primary residence and your vacation home can be significant.

The same type of home insurance coverage is available with your vacation home. But the age of the home, weather patterns in the area, local crime rates, and other factors all play a role in determining the actual coverage needed and the amount you will pay in premiums.

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Coverage To Consider on Your Second Home

  • Flood Insurance: Depending on where the home is located (lake, river, or the beach), flood insurance should be important to consider.
  • Dwelling Coverage: Covers the structure of the home including other structures (such as fences, garages, or greenhouses), valuables and furnishings, and loss of usage. Its limits are adjusted to reflect the unique risks associated with a vacation property.
  • Full Replacement Cost: This coverage assists by covering the full cost of rebuilding your house in the event of a total loss up to your coverage limits. Depending on your location, you can be eligible for coverage of up to 125% of your homes value.
  • Personal Property Coverage: This protects your possessions, including furniture, clothing, and appliances. A home insurance policy includes this coverage by default, but you can tailor it to ensure that all your possessions are covered.
  • Personal Liability: If responsible for a non-resident who is injured on your property, Personal Liability insurance can help cover medical and court costs.

Why Should I Insure My Second Home?


Renting Out Your Vacation Home 

If you want to rent out your vacation home to others, your homeowners’ insurance premiums will certainly rise, and you may need to obtain additional coverage. If you rent your home out on sites like Airbnb, you will want to get insurance through them as well.

Because renting your second property contains additional, more complex hazards, it’s a good idea to talk to your insurance agent about coverage options for renting out your home to others.

How Much Does Insurance for a Second Home Cost?

Insurance premiums for your vacation property may be higher than your permanent dwelling. The higher cost could depend on how close or far your home is to local emergency services. Beach cottages, lake houses, and cabins are typically located further from police stations, fire stations, and hospitals.

Final Thoughts

Your second house, whether it’s a mountain retreat or a lake house, has different insurance requirements than your primary residence. Make sure you’re receiving the coverage you need, not just the lowest cost, so you can relax and enjoy your second home without worrying about it when you’re not there.

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