How To Prevent Your Basement From Flooding

Becky Holiday | Oct 26, 2022 | minute read

How To Prevent Your Basement From FloodingAccording to the Insurance Information Institute, one inch of water damage can cause over $25,000 of damage to your home. So, it is obvious water damage is one of the biggest threats to your home.

Some water damage caused by events like burst pipes, broken appliances, unintentional leaks, and storm damage may be covered by homeowners' insurance. However, normal homeowners' insurance typically does not provide coverage for flooding caused by weather events like hurricanes. Additionally, water damage brought on by poor upkeep is not covered.

Here Are Tips To Help Prevent Basement Flooding and Water Damage

Maintain Gutter and Downspouts

Maintain clean gutters, and place downspouts far from the foundation to drain storm water at least three feet away. To ensure that rainwater is channeled far away from the base of your property, make sure your downspouts are connected to extenders.

Grade Your Lawn Properly

You run the risk of having water enter your basement if the terrain around your property slopes or grades toward the house rather than away from it.

The rainwater must go somewhere as it falls. Your grass should slope toward city streets and gutters so that rainwater drains off your walls and away from them. There are several landscaping solutions available to you if you take a tour around your house and discover that your lawn does, in fact, slope in the direction of your exterior walls.

Consider A Sump Pump

Extra water is gathered by sump pumps and pumped away from your home. Invest in a backup battery-equipped sump pump as a safeguard in case the power goes out. To be certain it will function correctly, test it frequently by filling it with a bucket of water until it turns on.

Prevent Your Basement From Flooding

Inspect the Foundations

Examine the basement walls and floors as well as the outside foundation. Any foundation cracks should be filled with epoxy, and a masonry sealer should be applied if any warning signs are seen. Water penetration can be reduced by weatherstripping and caulking around openings like windows and doors, but these measures are not permanent. Replace these seals frequently and inspect trouble spots regularly.

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Keep Pipes and Septic Systems Maintained

One of the fastest ways to get water in the basement is to neglect your plumbing; water does not always enter basements from the outside.

To avoid backups, have your sewer pipes cleaned and inspected every 18 to 24 months. Every few years, septic tanks should be emptied out.

Always winterize and insulate your pipes as necessary to prevent freezing when the wintry weather arrives.

Examine Window Wells

Examine the window wells in the basement. These should be positioned well below the window itself and elevated a few inches above the ground.

Install Water Spill Sensors in Your Basement

Smart water sensors can alert you when a small amount of water is present. All you need to do is place some sensors throughout your basement and then let them do the work.

Fully Waterproof Your Basement

If water from the outside of your home caused the flood, you might need to consult a basement waterproofing specialist who can help you identify your home's vulnerabilities and suggest ways to address them, such as installing or replacing a sump pump, caulking cracks, or completely waterproofing your foundation.

Consider Flood Insurance and Sewer Line Coverage

Unfortunately, some mishaps cannot be avoided, even with these safety recommendations. If your neighborhood frequently floods, you might want to think about getting flood insurance for your home. With flood insurance, you can relax knowing that you are protected in the event of a disaster. Contact your agent regarding the many options you have regarding flood insurance.

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