Keys to Understanding Your Personal Insurance

Melissa Matzenbacher-Galan | Jul 13, 2021 | minute read

understanding-your-personal-insuranceInsurance can be challenging to comprehend. Most individuals are aware that insurance is required, but they often do not completely comprehend what they are purchasing or whether they are adequately insured.

That is why collaborating with an insurance professional is so important. A good insurance partner can assist you in determining your insurance needs and coverage, educate you on your options, and clearly explain the details of the insurance you are purchasing.

Simply acquiring the cheapest insurance policy may not be the best value in personal insurance. While pricing is crucial, there is much more to an insurance policy's value than just price. Having the appropriate coverage for your needs and getting quality service are invaluable should a loss occur.

Through years of experience, we’ve discovered that homeowners who follow these basic actions have an improved chance of getting the best possible coverage, pricing, and service.

Not All Insurance Companies Are the Same

For example, each personal auto insurance company has policies in place that specify which types of drivers they will accept and how much they will charge drivers who pose a higher risk. Some auto insurance companies favor younger drivers, or offer various discounts based on characteristics such as the car's age, the age of the driver, the area, and so on. Many home insurance companies offer better rates to those who live closer to fire stations.

Low-Cost Insurance Does Not Imply Superior Coverage

Don’t be too surprised when you discover your bargain-basement insurance does not provide the coverage you require. It’s highly preferable to have an independent insurance agent do the shopping for you and then present you with options that will provide you with the best possible coverage at an affordable price.

low-cost-insurance -does-not-imply-superior-coverage

Insurance Is Not Designed to Cover Every Eventuality

Personal insurance is intended to give financial assistance in the event of an accident or other unforeseen loss. Be aware that every policy contains exclusions, and remember, insurance is not meant to cover routine maintenance.

Keep Your Coverage Up to Date

If you make any large purchases or make any changes in your life, it is critical to update your policy. For example, if you have a child going to college, make sure you have personal liability and property insurance as part of your personal insurance portfolio.

Your Agent Can Be a Very Useful Partner

A licensed, professional agent can assist you in determining the optimum mix of coverage, pricing, and service for your specific circumstances. A reputable agent will answer all your questions and be an advocate for you when a claim occurs.

Higher Deductibles Can Lower Your Premiums

The more risk (higher deductible) you are willing to take, the lower your premiums will be. If you agree to cover a larger amount of your own damages by raising your deductibles, it will reduce your premiums. This is true for your auto and home insurance programs, as all insurers offer this option.

Insurance Is a Written Contract or Agreement Between You and the Insurance Company

What is and is not covered by your personal insurance is determined by the terms of the individual contract or insurance agreement in which you enter. Everyone should have a copy of their insurance policy to read, including the terms and conditions and policy limits.

You Cannot Add Coverage for a Previously Filed Claim

For example, if there is a threat of flooding in your region, you will be unable to purchase flood insurance during the event.

When buying personal insurance, it is always a good idea to “wish for the best while planning for the worst.” No one wants to have a claim or loss, but when you do, you want the assurance that you have the appropriate insurance in place to take care of the loss.

That is the reason people buy personal insurance. Our expert agents can assist you in ensuring your home and auto insurance coverage offers the protection you require in the event of an accident or loss.

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