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California Workers’ Compensation Who Needs It?

If your company has employees, you are required to buy workers’ compensation insurance. Some states do allow people to opt out of the system if they can prove financial responsibility, but that is only in two or three states in the entire country. If you have employees, you are most likely required to carry workers’ compensation. One question we often get asked is, what is... Read Article

How To Protect My Business From Being Sued By My Employees

California Ranks High In Probability Of Litigation On average, a business in the U.S. has about a 12% chance of being involved in an employment lawsuit. California has very aggressive employment and discrimination laws that increase the chances of litigation for businesses operating in our state. In California employers have a 40% chance of being sued by an employee according to the latest statistics by... Read Article

A Key To Your Workers’ Compensation Success

Understanding the difference between an employee and contractor Today more than ever businesses are evaluating the need for full time vs. part time employees. Many firms are also considering using a third party firm for certain functions. Before you make any decisions about contracting out job functions, read this. Advantages of hiring an employee Employees can sometimes take on multiple roles within the firm. Work... Read Article

Did You Know Your Company Can Control Work Comp Costs?

Your Experience Mod Is Your Work Comp Identity It is a fact that many employers actually overpay for their workers’ compensation premiums.  Workers’ Compensation Coverage provides medical, disability or death benefits to any cast or crew member who becomes injured in the course of their employment. Coverage usually applies on a 24 hour per day basis whenever employees are on location away from their homes.... Read Article

Is Your Workplace Safe?

A Business Insurance Update – How to Develop a Safer Workplace As a business owner, providing workers with a safe and healthy workplace is critical to the wellbeing of your employees and the success of your business. A well thought out security plan should include some of the following items: Management Involvement—if the leadership is not on-board, security will not be viewed as important. Create... Read Article


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