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Disability Insurance Offers Help When You Need It Most

If you and your loved ones depend on your salary for financial support, then you probably need disability income insurance. Think about it, if you were to become disabled, even for a few months, how would you and your family manage? Disabling illness or injury is one of the leading causes of personal bankruptcy in the United States. Just like any other form of insurance,... Read Article

Your Policy Is Only As Good As Your Agent

To say that your insurance policy is only as good as your agent is a bold statement.  You have also heard me say, that not all policies are created equal.  Just what do I mean by this?  The idea is that your agent is the most important part of your personal insurance program.  Here are three reasons why this is true: Insurance companies only offer... Read Article

Is It Time To Have An Insurance Review? Our agency is founded and run on the philosophy that client’s needs come first and foremost. We know you hear that a lot, so we wanted to tell you how we carry out our philosophy day to day. This article is the continuation of our series on how to think differently about insurance. Every client deserves an... Read Article

What Is Trending In California Healthcare?

We are well into 2015; there are some California health insurance items which business owners need to be aware of. Healthcare reform will continue to impact most Merced businesses, as well as other risk management issues that business owners and executives need to consider. If you have over 100 employees, the employer mandate was moved to this year. If you have fewer than 50 employees,... Read Article

2014 Medicare Prescription Drug open enrollment

Today starts the open enrollment period for these plans. The time to enroll or make changes to your plans runs from Oct. 15 through Dec. 7th and changes become effective on Jan. 1 2014. If you are enrolling in Medicare for the first time or want to look at options, please let us help. You can give Nancy Davis a call here at the office... Read Article


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