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Why Your Insurance Agent Is Your Best Friend

Are you frustrated with the lack of good customer service? Are you tired of calling a company and getting someone in a foreign county? When you go to the store and ask for help, do you get a teenager who knows less than you do about your questions? If you are looking for insurance, it can be much easier than you think. Working with an... Read Article

Make This Summer The Best Time For Your Family

Personal Insurance Update With the summer months approaching, now would be a great time to review your homeowner’s and personal insurance program.  There is a large spike in auto accidents during June through August.  We offer a free review to assess your insurance needs, and we can recommend needed personal insurance coverage like a personal umbrella, cyber liability, and flood insurance.  Summer Risks Are Very... Read Article

What Not To Do After An Accident

An Auto Insurance Update Auto accidents are no fun.  They cause injury, damage, and a lot of stress.  However, the good news is that if you bought auto insurance from our agency you have the best possible combination of coverage, price, and service.  You buy auto insurance to protect yourself in the event you are in an accident, and we are here to help you... Read Article

Your Policy Is Only As Good As Your Agent

To say that your insurance policy is only as good as your agent is a bold statement.  You have also heard me say, that not all policies are created equal.  Just what do I mean by this?  The idea is that your agent is the most important part of your personal insurance program.  Here are three reasons why this is true: Insurance companies only offer... Read Article

March Madness – Insurance Style

An Insurance Update March is over and we spent the while month watching 64 college basketball teams play to the final four, then to the championship game.  The entire thing reminded us of some insurance madness. We thought we would share with you our “insurance madness final four.” Insurance Madness Final Four Always use an independent agent. Independent agents will search the market for the... Read Article


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