How Smart Technology Can Reduce Your Homeowner's Insurance

Laptop and phoneHomeowner's Insurance Update

There is no question; not only has technology made our lives easier, but it is also keeping us safer and helping to keep insurance premiums lower. Let’s look at few ways technology has helped with your homeowner’s insurance.

These technologies can help lower your homeowner's insurance cost. Many of these can be controlled through your smart phone, which gives you control no matte where you are.

Home Technology And Safety Equipment

Wireless options for home security and control - Today you can set up programs that will monitor your home’s lights, temperature, and security, all from your smart phone.

Leak-detection systems for water heaters and gas lines - Many of today’s home security systems are designed to detect leaks, furnace failures, and other common household problems.

Smart batteries - As an alternative to buying a new smart smoke, heat or CO detector, you may want to consider a smart battery, which can power your existing detectors and provide you with alarm notifications on your smartphone.

Security Video - Many internet companies offer home video systems that will allow you to see what is going on inside your home through your smart phone.

Smart Plugs or outlets - Smart plugs, also known as smart outlets, can provide peace of mind if you wonder whether you remembered to unplug the coffee pot or the iron before you left home.

Home weather-warning systems -- There are weather warning programs that can detect high winds and identify severe weather earlier than ever before.

Security Detectors - There are many kinds of smoke, moisture, radon, and other detectors that monitor gasses in your home.

Sprinkler Systems - Home fire sprinkler systems are becoming very common in larger homes, and many new building codes require them in some homes. These systems are designed for new construction, but retrofitting costs are coming down as technology improves.

All these systems have helped reduce the number and severity of homeowner’s claims. Even if you do not use these, you are benefiting from those who do.

You work hard to build a future for yourself and your family, and it’s important to protect what you already have while providing for a financially stable future for your family. Whether it’s protecting assets such as your home, automobile and valuables, or insuring that your family is taken care of should something happen to you, the professionals at Leap / Carpenter / Kemps are here to help.