Year: 2015

Combine Your Business Insurance Policies And Save

Business Insurance Business Insurance The world is changing, and we understand the many issues that businesses face every day. There is constant competition for your customers, there are challenges in attracting and retaining top talent, and your cost of goods keeps going up. Part of your planning should include an annual business insurance review. We can offer a number of ways to save and improve... Read Article

How To Build A Good Relationship With Your Insurance Company

Commercial insurance is about developing relationships between the insurance company and the customer, or business. The more your insurance company knows and understands your risk, the lower your premium will likely be. Unlike personal insurance, commercial insurance premiums are developed using some level of individual judgement on the part of the underwriter. Underwriters can credit your premiums by 25% in most cases. Here is what... Read Article

Four Things To Review Prior to Signing Any Contract

Contracts are signed in business every day.  Contracts can include property lease agreements, equipment lease agreements, service agreements, and employment contracts.  It is an important part of your business insurance and risk management program to review all contracts prior to signing.  We always recommend that you have an attorney review contracts to make sure that they comply with all state regulations. Contract Hot Spots Hold... Read Article

California Christmas Tree Safety

According to the US Fire Administration over 400 homes are destroyed annually by causes related to Christmas tree fires. Leap/Carpenter/Kemps Insurance offers competitive rates on homeowner’s insurance that would cover accidental damage due to Christmas tree fires. A well-written homeowners policy will pay to replace any of your personal property that is destroyed in a fire or other disaster. The policy will also be your... Read Article

Director & Officers Insurance… Should Every Business Consider It?

Lawsuits against Directors and Officers are increasing at an alarming rate. There is no doubt that many firms are managed by people who have good motives and high standards. However, we live in a litigious society that uses the court system to define right and wrong. Even if you did everything right, managers and boards can be sued and you must defend yourself.  Claims can... Read Article


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